Don't be scared of Kelsey.., he was really good friends with David Flemming. I believe that Kelsey was innocent at first.., in over his head

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Kelsey Grammer Exposed

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Mr. Grammer - You are more than welcome to contact me... I have left messages at your Grammnet Office and other places and tried to reach you for over 2 years...


A real life story about how Celebrity Endorsement by Kelsey Grammer and Corbin Bleu caused many people to trust a company and work for long periods of time without getting paid and how people were stolen from by Alex Varonos and David Fleming with the trust that the Endorsements from those Celebrities (and others) allowed.

Using *Verified* Facebook, *Verified* Twitter Accounts and other Social Media Sites, Kelsey Grammer, Corbin Bleu, Lydia Cornell and Twitter Celebrity Bill Zucker plus other celebrities endorsed a website that brought people in and had some of them work for months on end, in a project that ended up being a bunch of lies, smoke and mirrors. 

This involves TODHD, STAROPOLY, MYEZTV, ESTARDEALS, TOD, THUNDERSOFT, VIEWPARTNERS AND USETHEEXPERTS and stock fraud, investor fraud, but mostly focuses on the trust levels created by the endorsements of major celebrities and other people. These people shouted out their endorsements in Public locations in person, in videos, in writing and on *VERIFIED* Social Media accounts -  which allowed a very bad group of people to garner the trust of unsuspecting individuals, making them slave away for months at a time without getting paid and destroying their dignity, dreams, bank accounts and in one case is the probable reason why one woman died.


In life... there are often decisions you make that lead to other decisions.

Sometimes those decisions hurt others.

In this particular case I'm talking about Kelsey Grammer and a decision he made that screwed up my life. And the lives of many others.

While this site is mostly about Kelsey Grammer - it is also about Corbin Bleu, Lydia Cornell, Ron Bard, Matt Williams from the Arizona Diamondbacks, Stanley Clarke and a couple of other celebrities who endorsed a very specific product and a group of people.

Kelsey Grammer invested 1.2 million dollars into a Social Media all-in-one website that was geared towards celebrities. That site was and was on (both are no longer in existence) and everyone is pretending nothing happened.

My name is Meki Cox and I'm going to share my story because I believe it will do several things. (1) it will call attention to Celebrity Endorsements. (2) It may help people see that you can get duped easily if you trust people.  (3) I can get this story and all of my fears off of my chest - as I have been living in fear for the last several years. And the only way I will feel safe is if I tell my story - from my experience involving Kelsey Grammer, Alex Varonos, David Fleming and Corbin Bleu - to the public so if something happens to me in the near future, there will be a track record of it.


Many people worked on and TODHD thinking they were working under celebrities. But what really was going on was a way different story and many things happened that appear very much to possibly be criminal in nature.  Over a very short period of time the company crumbled.

NO ONE GOT PAID for those months of work, allegations of scam and ponzi scheme floated around, embezzlement seemed to be the word of the day and so much more.

Lydia Cornell sued Kelsey Grammer for 100 million dollars with Nelle Paegel. However, In  all my research, Kelsey Grammer currently says he never has endorsed the website (TODHD, and Staropoly)  in a wide variety of interviews or "exclusive" reports that I found online.

But here's the kicker...

I have videos and documentation that says he DID support it and he DID tell people about it, he did call in to talk to all the people on the site (at least it sounded like him during one of our conference calls and Alex Varonos said it was him.) I was there... There were OTHER PEOPLE there and we all discussed it as if it were fact.

If the evidence I show is true - then it means that Kelsey Grammer knew about the website, knew what was going on and absolutely allowed his face, image and celebrity status to be used to entice people to come to the website. That means he knew that he was endorsing it.

Many of those people his endorsement enticed, ended up working for the website under Alex Varonos, who told everyone they were working for Kelsey Grammer - and who made sure to tell us all that Kelsey Grammer was pleased with our work and we would be paid off richly - we would never have to worry about finances again.

Maybe Kelsey Grammer thought out of his 1.2 million dollar investment that he gave to his friend David Fleming at least a good portion would have gone towards web development and addition of people in an advertising set up. (Cause I could have created a site that would have rocked the world for Kelsey if I knew then what I know now - for less than 10 grand plus some advertising funds.)

But the truth is - there was nothing really there. It just kind of looked good and the idea was great. It was all smoke and mirrors and numbers. But mostly it was to get investors. Strangely all of the things that were shown - that were offered - never really seemed to BELONG to Alex Varonos or David Fleming. They were software pieces that you rent on a server monthly - attached to a website by a code they give you. (Just in case anyone wondered why there was so much lag - it was because there was not enough money paid to have that kind of bandwidth.)

KelseyLive and LydiaLive and TheChannelChannel and The Jay Link Show and The Bill Zucker Show were all running on another server that created the little box on the website that looked like a video player with a chat room. It was smoke and mirrors. I'll bet Kelsey Grammer doesn't even know that. Oh and yes - I have the evidence of that.

We worked sometimes 18 hours a day for months on end. I even wrote the first ever news article about Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer's divorce. It was supposedly approved by Kelsey Grammer - and it beat the other news agencies by almost 24 hours.

But not a one of us were paid for our work.

And the deeper I dug into things - I found crazy stuff.

Stuff like embezzlement, fraud, ponzi schemes, lies and deceit, stock fraud and a whole lot more.

SO much more, that I became the whistleblower for a large FBI case (which I believe should still be considered ongoing - but it may take years and years for it to come to fruition.)

Whether Kelsey Grammer is guilty or not about leading people into their worst decision ever - He is definitely responsible for the fact that some of those people's lives were destroyed because he ENDORSED a product with his seal of approval.

That means - if a celebrity approves something it invokes a belief of trust. It invokes a belief of stability and workability. Many people joined and many people worked for what they believed was Kelsey Grammer. Because the people running the site - under the APPROVAL and ENDORSEMENT for Kelsey Grammer - told us so.


Mine was destroyed, Gary Arbaugh's life was destroyed and his wife died just the other day (November 2013). Her death upset me so much, I vowed that I would not stand still and remain quiet any longer.

I decided I was going to expose the truth of what happened to me --- so that others can come forward and be heard. So that others know that they are NOT alone. So that others know that if it can happen to me - it could happen to anyone. That TRUST can be stolen and you CAN be USED - by big Celebrities who endorse products or do endorsements for projects, etc.

I chose this media (the website) - because I made myself get good at ranking. I can rank a website for anything now... And I intend on ranking this website for Kelsey Grammer because I believe that he needs to know what REALLY Happened.

He may have made a bad choice financially - and got caught up with the likes of Alex Varonos and his friend David Fleming - but his choice allowed Alex Varonos and David Fleming and Bobby Mattias to literally rip people off.

None of the employees got paid.

Read about my memories of what happened if you dare... This is my recounting of it - and all the evidence that I have...

And it gets pretty deep. The more I learned - the more frightened I became - I actually went off "the grid" and did not work for 2 and a half years. I lost more of my life than I care to remember.

Deceit, Lies, Lawyers, Theft, Investment Scandals, Ponzi Schemes, Manipulation, possible money laundering, possible religious church scandal and much - much more.

Dig in... You're going on a ride... Everything is my experience and evidence that I have found.

Oh - by the way --- I'm the whistleblower in the case that went to the FBI.

This case and story includes Kelsey Grammer, Ron Bard, Stanley Clarke, Corbin Bleu, Matt Williams (from the Arizona Diamondbacks), Camille Grammer, Alex Varonos, David Fleming, The FBI, Myself and about 60 other employees who slaved a full year or more to do work, they thought, they would get paid for - and trusted because Kelsey Grammer Endorsed it.

Now - he sits - working many projects - living the high life - and pretending he didn't endorse anything. He did...

I can show you. I am showing you by telling this story.

This story is about how Kelsey Grammer Screwed up My Life - and how he hasn't even bothered to apologize to any of us...

The Little People... The Monkeys... the ones that worked and didn't even get a thank you.


This web site... the info that is on it is a TRUE LIFE story - are about a period of time in my life that involved Kelsey Grammer, Lydia Cornell, Corbin Bleu, Ron Bard, Matt Williams from the ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS - and from the fact that celebrities endorsed a website which allowed the behind the scenes company to create a slave labor force it never paid on the premise that Celebrities would be covering the payroll at the end of the project. It is from my point of view. Everything you read on here is MY experience. No one has currently, to my knowledge, been charged with any crime. There is an FBI case -and much more going on... and it's deep - but it's MY memories, my experiences and my life. This is what I saw and what I did - and maybe I can help people in the future to not get scammed and to NOT BELIEVE in Celebrity Endorsements, because obviously - they mean nothing...

There are others that got involved -in my story and you will see some of them upon these pages. Hopefully you will also see their versions of the story --- which could vary from mine as they are remembered from their own perspective and the experiences they had.

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