I don't remember the show - but then again, I never really watched television. But, I've seen a ton of stuff online and Lydia is an amazingly photogenic woman.

There's a lot to Lydia and I'd like to say we're somewhat friends.

Lydia is pretty much just as much of a victim as I was - maybe for the same reasons I fell into it. But she actually was with Kelsey Grammer and Bill Zucker and even Scott Baio in the films we all saw - that inducted us into TODHD and later in to Staropoly.

She was actually there and in person, met Alex Varonos, David Fleming and Kelsey Grammer with Scott Baio and Bill Zucker. I'm not really sure how she got invited to the mix - or whom she knew or how she managed to be there. --- In fact - no one really talked about that. But all the videos are there - and it makes me wonder how she got involved. It makes me wonder if Kelsey Grammer was so GUNG HO about this particular product - why didn't he bring in any A-List Actress or Actor? Why does it seem like this was just them doing an impromptu group of videos in a closed out studio or stage area?

I guess that part doesn't matter - the videos are there - she put Bill Zucker's underwear on her head - and sang his Twitter song...

But - she got used, just like everyone else... To bring her fan club in - to offer her support, to do some shows and get people interested in all of TODHD... She was a fishing lure...

I'll write more later about her as the story progresses - Lydia and I are pretty deeply involved in this story. I just hope we're in it for the same reasons now.


Too Close For Comfort Star Lydia Cornell

Lydia Cornell was an actress in the 1980's that played a sexy kitten blonde - and absolutely was probably one of the first pin up girls that boys in the 1980's had their way with posters...

She was beautiful then - and she's still amazing today.
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